We buy houses fast in Austin – How we bought a Home just outside of Austin in 3 weeks!

Im catching you guys from Starbucks in Manor , TX today just a few minutes outside of Austin. Best part about this new Starbucks in Manor is the Outdoor Seating! 

we buy houses fast austin
Working on being even faster when we buy houses fast in Austin!


This was a great week for us at TheTexasHouseBuyer.comWe buy houses fast in Austin and all over the Austin area and we just bought a home in Manor, Texas.  The house address was ##### Trevin Cove, Manor TX 78653.  We got a lead from our website as someone found us through a Google search.

The seller was a lady who happened to be an MBA that worked for a local Texas school district.  I called her as soon as we received her information on our site.  As we spoke she told me that the house was relatively new and had no structural damage, but the house would need some fencing, some carpet, some paint, and a new A/C unit.  

I said “Perfect” we buy houses fast in Austin just like yours all of the time, in fact that is exactly the type of properties that work for us because we can add value when we fix and sell.  

She told me her asking price and asked if I could close on July 6th which was in 3 weeks. I said yes to both of those as we buy houses fast in Austin “as-is” and on the date of the sellers choice.  She sent the contract over within the hour via email and we got rolling.  

We closed this house last Friday, July 6th exactly as planned. The house we bought was actually a real short walk to some excellent Thai food at Chokdee Thai where I had a great lunch after buying the house!  This was at 11300 US Hwy 290 E Suite 160 of the corner of 290 and Lexington, great place.  Just blocks from the new Starbucks off of 290 in the Hamilton Point Subdivision.

We buy houses fast in Austin that are messed up but sometimes we buy houses fast in Austin that are pretty as well.

We buy houses fast in Austin of all kinds, this one was in Hamilton Point Subdivision and was built in 2008.  A real nice little house 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms and in a good rental area. Now the house wouldn’t qualify as ugly to me, because we buy houses in Austin that are a LOT worse sometimes, but it was no gem.

  I attached some pictures below. We buy houses fast in Austin in Manor, TX and all over the central TX area and even in the Houston Metro area. Where we really add value no matter the house, is if you need to sell fast or need to sell without making any repairs then we are perfect for you.  We call this buying quickly in “as-is” condition, that is our specialty when we buy houses.  

In this case, like in all cases when we buy a house in or near Austin.  The seller also had $0 out of pocket costs and $0 closing costs as we covered all of that when we bought this house.  

So she got to skip paying for repairs, updates, surveys, inspections, roof certifications, appraisals, and Realtor Commissions we took care of all of that and she got to close on the exact date of her choice.  She was VERY happy about that.

 We buy houses fast in Austin like that often.  A great win-win situation for everyone involved! I worked this one out at the brand new Starbucks Coffee in right at the corner of 290 and Lexington, it’s one of the nicer Starbucks Store I’ve been to, it’s a great spot! I’m loving Manor’s growth.  

If you are looking to sell a home near Austin or in any outlying city in Central Texas like Manor, Kyle, Bastrop, Round Rock or even San Marcos or New Braunfels, we buy houses fast in Austin in those areas and all surrounding Central TX and even Houston Area Homes.  Get in touch with us! www.TheTexasHouseBuyer.com

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We Buy Houses fast in Austin
We just bought this Home in Manor TX
We Buy Houses Austin
Carpet Missing from the home we bought in Manor, TX


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