How do I  Stop Foreclosure Austin TX and get at least SOMETHING for my House in Austin TX?


As I write this article from Spider House as I recall the last house I bought I can feel what you’re going through…I’ve been through it myself, and seen it time and again….You’re thinking ” this is really stressing me out. I need to stop foreclosure  Austin….I don’t want to just give my house back to the bank…..I’ve been paying on it for years…..  how can I pay them off quickly and at least get some money for my house so I can avoid foreclosure in Austin and move on or how can I not lose the house at all? “…..but you’ve waited until the last minute and your foreclosure is just weeks away.  What do you do to Stop Foreclosure  Austin TX?  This article will tell you how you can avoid foreclosure in Austin. And it is VERY important that you do.

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Nobody wants to lose a home or have to sell a home in foreclosure, everybody wants to avoid foreclosure in Austin at all costs. But sometimes things happen in life that gets in the way of our finances and our plans. We all go through these situations at one point or another in our lives.  Once these situations happen it’s up to us to take the best course of action going forward and not to look backward.  What’s done is done,  we must move forward and make the best decision for ourselves. And sometimes that may mean that to stop foreclosure  Austin or avoid foreclosure in Austin, you may need to sell fast to a cash home buyer.

I’m assuming you’ve already tried the steps below.  If you have not TRY these FIRST before looking to sell.  You may still be able to keep your house.

  1. Call the bank that gave you the mortgage to see if they can help by rearranging payments
  2.  If cash shortage is temporary you can try to borrow funds from friends, family, or the bank itself to get caught up on payments and stop foreclosure  Austin
  3. Think about getting a Roommate temporarily until you get caught up on Payments
  4. Review the United States HUD Website and see if a program there can help you stop foreclosure  Austin TX

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Now assuming you have tried the above and none of those steps have worked for you.  If you don’t act now and let this go further, you may be forced into the bad situation of being forced out of your house by the sheriff, and having your belongings on the street in plain sight for all to see.  In addition to giving the house back to the bank in Austin, ruining your credit, stressing you out even further, netting you $0 and leaving you without a place to stay.  As you can see waiting around to avoid foreclosure and NOT taking ACTION is NOT a good choice.  No matter what decision you take you must ACT NOW.  In addition to the issues above, there may be long-term consequences, including a substantial and long-lasting hit to your credit score (hurting your ability to get a house even years from now when your finances are back in order).  That foreclosure credit hit can even deter some apartments from allowing you to rent an apartment and maybe deter future employers from hiring you as well.

Click for a Cash Offer in 24 hours that can close in 10 days! Stop Foreclosure Austin!

No one wants that. That’s not an ideal outcome. Fortunately, there is a strategy you can take today to help you protect yourself and get back on track to financial security you had before this happened. We can help with that.  We can wipe the slate clean and stop foreclosure in Austin by buying the house for cash in 10 days or less.  You will be able to get some money for your house and move somewhere else to start anew while avoiding foreclosure in Austin and saving your credit.

Here’s a brief overview of the foreclosure process

The foreclosure process can vary depending on location and the type of mortgage you have.

Usually, if you miss a few mortgage payments, your lender (bank) will start sending you notifications and then warnings. Over time, if you fail to pay back the mortgage payments you missed, the lender put your home up for public auction.

How long you can stay in your house after it is sold at auction depends on the state where you live. At some point, however, you will need to find a new place to stay. In Texas, it is usually only a few months or less.

Fortunately, you have options to Stop Foreclosure Austin!

 Click for a Cash Offer in 24 hours that can close in 10 days! Stop Foreclosure Austin!


Like we’ve stated before if you wait until your home is foreclosed, it can have a devastating effect on your credit score. So don’t just wait and get foreclosed! Avoid foreclosure in Austin and stop foreclosure Austin at ALL costs!

You can avoid foreclosure in Austin like one of our sellers did on XXXX Mairo, Street in South Austin on 78745 did, by selling your house before it’s lost at the auction. If we buy your house your loan will be paid in full then there will be no more penalties against you and your credit rating.  And you can move on with some money in your pocket and your credit in tact…and the stress hanging over your head as you try to avoid foreclosure gone! This can be DONE IN AS LITTLE AS 10 DAYS! No matter the property condition.

Here’s an example of how the sale would work: Let’s say you owed $200,000 on your home and you sold your home to us for $210,000. We would pay the bank $200,000, you would get $10,000 and we would get the house. And that would be it, problem solved, and your hands are washed of the situation, and you have avoided foreclosure in Austin TX.  That is how you stop foreclosure Austin TX.

Fill out a 30 second form for a Cash Option Offer in 24 hours that can close in 10 days! Stop Foreclosure Austin!

At we’re professional real estate investors.  We buy houses that are in the pre-foreclosure stages in Austin TX all the time.  Contact us today at 513-593-6990 to find out what we can offer you for your house — even if it needs repairs. You don’t have to even CLEAN it we will buy “as-is” as you can see in the Pics below.

I want to avoid Foreclosure in Austin and Avoid giving my house back to the bank in Austin TX!

You may be thinking….well if I’m not going to live there anymore why do I care if I sell it to you or just give it to the bank?  (After all, I still can’t live in my home anymore.)

I can see where you are coming from as you try to stop foreclosure in Austin, and in an emotional time, these thoughts may cross your mind.  Losing a home can be difficult but the impact on your FUTURE and your financial situation and your credit are considerably less if you sell it than if you simply wait out the foreclosure process. In fact, going through foreclosure in Austin could impact your credit score by as much as 100 to 150 points or more. So the short-term challenge of selling your house is still a better choice than the long-term pain of giving your house back to the bank.  As tough as it sounds, at this point you are not going to keep the house, you may as well make the best of it and at least keep your good credit and some money in your pocket and avoid foreclosure.

Fill out a 30 second form for a Cash Offer in 24 hours that can close in 10 days! Stop Foreclosure Austin!

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Attached below are some pictures of a home we recently bought in East Austin.  We buy all over from New Braunfels up to Georgetown and Everywhere in Between!


Stop Foreclosure Austin
Recent Pre-Foreclosure Home We Bought
Stop foreclosure Austin TX
Another Pic of a Recent pre-Foreclosure house we bought. Seller was DONE with house and left it “as is” no problem for us!
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