Selling a house in probate in Austin ?

Are you selling a house in Probate in Austin?

I was having lunch at Radio today and I remembered the last Probate deal I did.  ( As for Radio I highly recommend it as a daytime work spot but remember they turn off the Wifi at 6pm for some reason so make sure you are done working online by then!  Also get some MOLE tacos from the food truck they are amazing!) As for the last probate deal, remember the seller a bit confused as to how the whole probate process works.  She inherited the house in Austin and it was really beat up, she was named “executor” of the Will but she didn’t know what was next.   If you inherited a house in Austin and you are selling a house in Probate in Austin read this article, you’ll get some great info. And if you are interested we would love to make you an offer.  We have bought many, many houses from probate situations and are very familiar with the probate/inheritance process in Austin, TX.

Here is a quick article on the Probate process in case you have inherited a house and are looking at selling a house in probate in Austin but are not sure about the exact process or details involved.  (Most of our sellers are not familiar with the process after they inherit a house, but that is not an issue we help them every step of the way.)

Let us start with “what is a Probate”?

“Probate is the court-supervised process of authenticating a last will and testament if the deceased made one. It includes locating and determining the value of the decedent’s assets, paying his final bills and taxes, then distributing the remainder of the estate to his rightful heirs or beneficiaries. “

Why would you be selling a house in Probate in Austin?

Well in most probate cases what happened is a family member passed away and relatives (usually children, or siblings) inherited the property.  But the property has a Will and that will need to put through a court process before it is confirmed and can be acted on.  Usually the Will or the Family appoints an “executor” of the estate.

If you inherited a house and reached us by googling  “selling a house in probate in Austin TX”  i’m going to guess that you are the executor. The executor is sort of the point man in the process.   This is the person we usually communicate with when handling the purchase of a property when someone has inherited a house in Austin TX and is selling a house in Probate in Austin.

You would likely be selling the house because your family does not want to continue to pay taxes on the property, the property is in bad disrepair, the property has not been updated in many years, or the family just has no use for the property.  Or maybe you are just following the wishes of the deceased.  You would likely to want to sell quickly because unfortunately as the process drags on there can be a lot of different opinions amongst family members going through a very stressful situation and this can and does put a strain on family relations.  Usually when people have inherited a house in Austin TX and are selling a house in probate in Austin TX they want to sell it quickly.  One of the reasons is to avoid disagreements amongst family members in a highly stressful time.

If you found us by searching google for “Selling a house in Probate in Austin”, you are very likely a good fit for us and we should be able to help you through the Probate Situation


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Your house DOES NOT have to be pretty here are some pictures below of the last house we bought out of a Probate Situation. The house was ROUGH and had been Vacant for Years! But we bought it in Days!


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Selling a House in Probate in Austin
Holes in the Wall!

Selling a house in Probate in Austin Selling a Probate House in Austin





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