Sell My House Quickly in Austin to a Cash Buyer? Should I?

sell my house quickly in austinWhen Should I sell my house quickly in Austin to a cash house buyer?

This is a really interesting topic because it is something that is for some reason not talked about much in the Real Estate community or between Austin ” sell my house quickly in Austin ” type of cash house buyers and people that need to sell their house quickly in Austin.  The question is “When should I sell my house quickly in Austin TX to a cash house buyer?” In other words, “When is this the most beneficial thing for me to do?”   When should I list with a Realtor as opposed to sell my house fast in Austin to a cash house buyer and vice versa?

If you need to know when it is NOT beneficial for you to sell your house quickly in Austin to a cash house buyer and when it IS beneficial for you to sell your house quickly in Austin to a cash house buyer you’ve come to the right place. I have not seen an article like this ANYWHERE online. It’s HONEST and STRAIGHT-FORWARD and for some reason that can be hard to find online sometimes.

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When we get a call or text to our company number at 512-593-6990 or a lead inquiry on this site TheTexasHouseBuyer our first job is to decide if we provide the service that benefits the person that contacted us the most.  In other words “Do they need our service?” “Is our service their best option?”.   Our service is simple, we provide liquidity (QUICK CASH), we buy fast.

Our service is NOT to pay the highest price as some investors may claim.  That would be a RETAIL buyer.  But we pay fair market price for a CASH sale which is LOWER than the market price for a traditional financed retail sale.  We’ll explain why below.  If people do not NEED my service I send them off to the right place. I ONLY work with people I can benefit and it turns out I can only really benefit people that NEED my service.  Usually, people that have searched google for ” need to sell my house quickly in Austin” recently or ” We Buy Houses Austin ” or ” Cash House Buyers Austin” or something along those lines.  If they don’t NEED my service of liquidity (FAST CASH)  they are usually best served by Realtors.  I’m looking for and providing a service for people that are searching “need to sell my house fast in Austin”.

If you are wondering why we and any other cash house buyer in Austin does NOT pay the highest current market price. (even though some may say they do)  Let me explain.  

What happens is (as a general rule) when you sell in the traditional market through a Realtor. Usually, the buyer for your house that the Realtor finds is getting a bank loan and also living in the house after he buys it.  So he will be able to pay more than we will because he is getting a Loan AND most importantly he does not have to Resell the house in a few months and incur a whole new set of sales costs and make a profit.

 He is ALSO usually not paying for Title Policy, Inspections, Appraisals, Survey or other costs (you are paying some of those in a traditional sale).  When we buy as a cash house buyer we pay ALL CLOSING costs so the seller (you) comes out of pocket $0 that is usually not the case when you sell traditionally through an agent. The buyer that is getting a bank loan is also not paying employees or marketing or other costs of running a business like we are. Not all cash house buyers pay ALL closing costs when buying your house when you “need to sell my house quickly” but we do as you can see in our services page by following the link. Make sure to take that into account when comparing cash buyers that may be making you offers on your home.

Wait…so if cash house buyers like yourself will NOT pay the highest market price why would anyone sell to them….keep reading and we will get to that…..there are valid reasons...only 3 of them.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you can wait , you have some money in the bank for repairs that the new buyer may need or will request (since buyer is getting a bank loan, if the bank asks for repairs you HAVE to complete them or your buyer will not get the loan and you will not sell your house), and you can and are willing to pay for the carrying costs until the property sells (monthly taxes, insurance, mortgage payments etc… ) and your PRIORITY is getting maximum price on the sale of your house THEN YOU SHOULD LIST WITH A REALTOR. (If this is you , you probably did not get here by tying “I need to sell my house quickly in Austin ” into google like most people reading this did)


To keep it simple……’s really one question.  DO YOU HAVE TO “SELL YOUR AUSTIN HOUSE QUICKLY?  Did you type “I need to sell my house quickly in Austin” into google to find this article?.  If so you are probably in the camp that is served best by selling to a cash house buyer.  I actually use the question “Do you have to sell your house quickly?”  to qualify people that I can buy from. If they do not have to ” sell my house quickly in Austin ” then 90% of the time they are better served listing with a Realtor and getting the highest offer possible for their property on the open market from buyers that are getting bank loans to buy their house and I tell them that on the phone when I call them after they submit a lead info sheet to our site 

But that is not the only time when you are best served to sell your house fast Austin to a cash house buyer.  The other time is if the house is in such disrepair that it will ABSOLUTELY not qualify for a bank loan.  For example, if the house has a really bad foundation or a really bad roof … that case….the house will generally NOT QUALIFY for a bank loan. In that case, you may HAVE TO sell to a  ” SELL MY HOUSE QUICKLY AUSTIN  or ” CASH HOUSE BUYER” type of buyer or fix the issue…..Now fixing a foundation can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars and take a lot of time and comes with a lot of risks so if you want to skip that process then you should sell your house to a “sell my house quickly Austin” type of cash house buyer.   

I know this is getting long winded so I’m going to make this simple….if you’re thinking  “When Should I sell my house quickly in Austin to a cash investor or cash house buyer” run through this checklist in your mind.

  • Do I need to sell my House quickly in Austin?
  • Is the Austin house in such bad shape that banks will not loan on it?
  • Do I not want to deal with this Austin House anymore and just want to be done quickly?

If to answer bullet  #1, #2, or #3  is YES then you are the customer we are looking for and you may be best served selling your Austin house quickly to a cash house buyer.  We can BUY your house in a FEW WEEKS usually in 10 business days or less.  If your answer is NO to  #1,#2 and #3  you are likely BEST served (financially at least) Selling with a Realtor on the open Market to a buyer that is getting a bank loan. Because investors will NEVER pay what a RETAIL BUYER would pay for a house in Retail Condition so you will get MORE money listing with an agent, but it will take LONGER to sell your Austin House.


Think it out…….if a “sell my house fast in Austin ” type, cash house buyer did pay top dollar they would go out of business in a week.  It’s just not POSSIBLE.  Some investors claim they pay top dollar…if you hear that claim my advice is to run the other way….Try Buying a house for say TOP MARKET RETAIL PRICE as some investors claim they do of for example $200,000 and THEN RESELL it for TOP MARKET RETAIL PRICE (same as you paid because that is the TOP MARKET RETAIL PRICE)  of $200,000 while paying closing costs , realtor commissions, holding costs, your office rent, your employee pay and your insurance and let me know how that goes……..I know from experience that you’d lose at least $20,000 every time you did that…..doing that would put you out of business pretty quick.  Even if a cash house buyer bought a house that was worth $200,000 in Retail Condition for $180,000 and sold it for $200,000 with in a month or 2 they would not make $20,000 …they would BREAK even if they were lucky.  That is due to sales costs when they sell it with 6% Realtor commissions, plus of course holding costs, lender fees, appraisals, inspections, closing costs etc… A cash house buyer needs to buy a house at about 60-80% of TOP DOLLAR or MARKET RETAIL price in order to make enough money to at least stay in business.  It’s just basic math, running a business costs money.  We provide the service of liquidity (CASH FOR YOUR HOUSE) with in 10 days and that has a cost associated with it.  Understand that IF you are SELLING TO A CASH HOUSE BUYER you are SELLING AT a DISCOUNT.  And you are giving them that Discount in Exchange for the SPEED and EASE of Transaction that their Cash provides. And usually they are solving some sort of pressing issue for you by exchanging their cash for your house. If you don’t have a pressing issue or NEED to sell quickly in Austin SELL WITH A REALTOR.

I wrote this up fairly quick, but I hope this all makes some sense.  In summary, you just typed “sell my house quickly in Austin to a cash house buyer” and this article popped up. If you do not meet any of the 3 Criteria Below and you want TOP DOLLAR STOP reading now, find your local Realtor or Realtor family friend and go list your house!   If you meet any of the 3 Criteria below give us a call and we will make you an offer with in 24 hours.  Our offer WILL be at anywhere between 60-80% of the retail value of your property and we WILL close in as little as 10 days!

Again here are the three Criteria

  • Do I need to sell my Austin house fast?
  • Is my austin house in such bad shape that banks will not loan on it?
  • Do I not want to deal with this anymore and just want to be done quickly?

If you meet any of these 3 contact us now !

We’ll give you guys a nice example of how our business works.  Out of about the last 100 leads we have received from someone looking to sell their house or typed ” sell my austin house fast ” into google and found us we bought 10 of them. The sellers of each of those 10 houses met either #1, #2, or #3 of our criteria. The other 90 sellers did not meet criteria #1,#2 or #3 and would likely get the most money for their house if they sold through a Realtor on the open market. So we told them to go find a Realtor because that is their best option if they have a nice house, time to sell it, funds for minor repairs, and no rush.  They would get more money that way than if they sold to us and we told them that flat out. That is actually MOST PEOPLE.  MOST PEOPLE are best served by REALTORS.  But SOME people are best served by INVESTORS or what we call Austin CASH HOUSE BUYERS or “sell my house quickly Austin ” type of house buyers and some of those people are typing into google “sell my Austin house fast”  and finding this article online today and getting a great understanding of how this all works. If you typed in  “sell my house fast Austin ”  then you likely have a NEED and can be best served by a cash house buyer like ourselves.

Of the last 10 houses we bought, here are some situations of the sellers we bought houses from recently.  These people were best suited for a cash sale.  And they were happy to sell at a discount in exchange for our liquidity (QUICK CASH). We bought all of these at less than 80% of Retail TOP DOLLAR Value and the sellers were well aware of that and happy with their sale because we were able to alleviate some of their issues.  Some of these people googled “Sell My Austin house quickly” and found us that way and some found us through our other marketing channels.


  1. Seller lives in North Carolina and inherited an old really beat up house in Austin…she wanted to sell as fast as possible and did not want to miss work or interrupt her life to come down and see the house or fix it ( the house had a bad foundation and was 70 years old). WE BOUGHT IT IN 12 days
  2. A couple had a grandchild and needed funds to close on a house on the same street as their grandchild in 10 days…so they needed to sell their current house in 10 days. WE BOUGHT IT IN 9 DAYS
  3. A Seller (Samsung Engineer ) met a beautiful woman and wanted to move from Pflugerville to Nashville with her in 10 days and not have to think about his Austin house at all after moving or make any repairs at all or even clean it before moving! WE BOUGHT IT IN 9 DAYS
  4. A seller was stressing out about a coming foreclosure and wanted to be done with the house and done with the stress. WE BOUGHT IT IN 7 DAYS
  5. A seller inherited a house in Lakeway that was a HOARDER house.  It had trash piled 3 feet high inside and couldn’t be walked through for traditional real estate showings….she wanted out quickly without the embarrassment of showing the house to prospective buyers. WE BOUGHT IT IN 17 DAYS
  6. A seller that lived in Spokane, Washington came into town for ONE day to pick up his elderly grandfather and move him to Spokane to live with him. He contacted me, he needed to sell fast and couldn’t miss work again to come to Austin.  WE BOUGHT IT IN 16 DAYS he never had to come to Austin all documents were signed online and with Notaries.


As you can see, there are situations when you may be best served to ” sell my house fast ” to a cash house buyer.  As you may have noticed NONE of those REASONS are “ I want to get the highest price possible and I have plenty of time and a nice house”.  If that is your situation get a Realtor, for NICE HOUSES Austin is HOT your house won’t take super long to sell on the market.  2-5 months in most parts of Austin.  It likely won’t sell in 10 days and you will likely have to make some repairs and clean it up a bit……but you very likely WILL get more money than if you sold to a cash house buyer.


What specific situations have you seen when you think people have been best served served when selling to a cash house buyer or ” sell my house fast ” Type of Buyer like yourself at

Here are a few

  1. Complicated Probate or Inheritance Cases with family issues that need to be resolved quickly
  2. Divorce situations where a home needs to be sold fast
  3. Pre-Foreclosures
  4. Hoarder Houses
  5. Houses that need EXPENSIVE repairs (A/C, Roof, Foundation, Plumbing etc..)
  6. Houses that have not been updated in 50-60 yrs
  7. Homes with BAD tenants that you can’t evict ( we can do this for you)
  8. ANY House that the seller NEEDS to SELL FAST for ANY reason.

If you found us by searching google for “Sell My House Fast Austin, you are very likely a good fit!  

Reach out to us now at to Sell My Austin House QUICK!





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