Sell My House Fast Austin TX ! With a Seller Lease Back!

How our last seller sold us her house FAST …but moved out of the home slowly!

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Today’s blog post is about a house in  Kyle, TX that we recently bought in under 30 days that was somewhat of a  unique situation.  The house was located on  Amber Ash Street in the Kyle, TX. It was in the  Amberwood Subdivision which is a newer, really nice area just across the highway from EVO Entertainment.  Kyle is a suburb just South of Austin, TX where we have bought several homes in the last year.  We love the area especially since it is a very short drive to Southpark MeadowsWhich is the largest shopping center in ALL of AustinTX and it is also less than 20 minutes to downtown Austin.  Kyle, TX is also great because you can buy a nice home in the $150,000-$250,000 price range as you can see on  And Kyle, Texas (definition) is also one of the Fastest growing cities in TX and even in the country! 

So for all those reason’s we love buying homes in Kyle.  But you got to this article by googling us because you were thinking ” I need to sell my house fast Austin TX” Right?  No worries we buy houses fast all over Austin from San Marcos to Georgetown and from Lakeway to Bastrop!  But this is about a particular Kyle home we bought fast….but the seller moved SLOW. The seller typed into google “Sell My House Fast Austin TX” and found us that way, just like you did!

This is what happened.  We got a lead inputted to our website at where the seller took about 60 seconds to input some basic information about her property. Then we called the seller back immediately.  It turns out the seller that typed in “Sell My House Fast Austin TX” was a really nice lady and her husband. As we always do,  we asked the seller that typed in “Sell My House Fast Austin TX” and found us on google, for the property address and asked her to tell us a little about the house and what she and her husband were looking to do with it.   And they had a dilemma…they were about to become grandparents!  And a house had JUST come on the Market 2 HOUSES away from their New incoming Grandson!  So what they did is they bid on the house 2 houses away from their Daughter’s house so that they could live on the same block as their New Grandson!  And they won the bid and got the house under contract!  Uh oh …what next…

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After they got the house under contract they got to google and typed in “Sell my House Fast Austin TX”. The problem was…they didn’t have the downpayment for the house they had just contracted, or the funds to buy it…and the seller of that house needed about 3 months to be ready to close.  So when they called me and explained the situation….We said perfect, we have bought houses in this situation before, what we will do is what is called a “seller lease back”.  We will buy your house and you will get paid your home sale proceeds at closing in two weeks so that you can buy the other house.   But you can still live here in this house for 3-4 months after we close so that you can have a place to live while the dust settles on your new purchase and until your new home is ready for you.  We said, “does that make sense?”  She said that is PERFECT!  So we went ahead and bought the house and gave her what is called in Real Estate Terms, a “seller lease back”.  Some pics of the home are below.  She even gave us a Great Testimonial because she was able to close on the home 2 houses away from her new Grandchild just in time!

This house we bought fast was a REALLY NICE newer home, we only had to make some very minor repairs before we sold it.  The seller was really glad she had typed in “Sell My House Fast Austin TX” and found us just in the nick of time and so were we. We buy all types of houses, ugly houses, pretty houses and anything in between.  We even buy in all price ranges from a $50,000 house to a house worth over a million dollars.

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If you have a similar situation or just need to sell your Austin TX Area Home Fast for ANY reason give us a call and leave us a message.  We help people out often, even when they don’t sell to us.  Sometimes we are not the best solution for your current issue and if we are not we will point you in the right direction.  We buy any houses all of the time. The home selling process can be complicated for people who only buy or sell a few homes in their lifetime….but for us, it’s fairly simple since we’ve done it over and over and over we buy houses very, very often.  Sometimes we can help people out in 5 minutes and save them hours of research or simplify complex situations for them just because we’ve done it so much, and even when we don’t buy their house and we’re happy to do that since we buy any houses often anyway.
Click here for an offer in 24 hrs or Less! Sell My House Fast Austin TX ! 
We are currently cash home buyers, and we buy houses “as-is” in Austin TX, Round Rock, Bastrop, San Marcos, Pflugerville and anything in between. We also buy all over the Houston area from the Woodlands down to Pearland and From Katy all the way to Galveston.  
Below are some pics of the house we bought in Kyle, TX when the Seller typed “Sell My House Fast Austin TX” into google, both her and we are glad she typed in “Sell My House Fast Austin TX” that day, it turned out to be a great deal for the both of us.


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