Sell Inherited House Austin Fast ! Did you inherit a hoarder house?

Sell Inherited House Austin TX

Did you inherit a hoarder house in Austin? Do you need to sell an inherited house in Austin now? 


Beautiful day in Austin today!  I just left Barton Springs and after a nice dip, I headed over to one of my go to work spots at Austin Java to write this up for you guys.  I want to let you know your options if you inherited a house.  Especially if you inherited a hoarder house. We bought two hoarder houses just this month so I know there are a bunch of you guys out there! If you typed “Sell My Inherited House Austin TX” into google you’ve come to the right place!

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If you have recently inherited a hoarder house in Austin WELCOME to our site!  We are investors in Austin and we buy houses in Austin for Cash and we buy them in “as is” condition.  We pay cash for houses in Austin several times a month. We buy messed up houses, we buy nice houses, and we BUY HOARDER houses in Austin ! Especially this month! Sell inherited house Austin here.

If you inherited a hoarder house and are looking to sell your inherited house fast, read below for more information on what the next steps may be with your inheritance. You have a few options when you inherit a hoarder house in Austin and you should review with your family and pick carefully. Sell my inherited house Austin! You can decide whether you want to sell your inherited Austin house for Cash or do something else with it. Like fix it up or rent it out, or just keep it in its current condition.

Ok, what should I do with my inherited Austin Hoarder house? How to Sell my inherited house Austin? If I decide to sell?

Like you may have guessed, the first step after inheriting a hoarder house in Austin is to decide what to do with it.  A lot of times families will have a sit-down and decide what to do with an inherited hoarder house in  Austin TX.  You will want to sit down with any siblings or relatives and decide what you are doing with it together. Usually, after this talk families come up with two main options what to do with the inherited hoarder house they received as an inheritance in Austin TX.

You really have 2 main options after inheriting a hoarder house in Austin  TX.


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#1. Option one is to clean the house, fix it up and keep it for a living family member.  A lot of times a son, daughter or other relative has an emotional attachment to the house and would like to live in the house.  If you decide on this option make sure there are PLENTY of funds available as clean out and Rehab. Unfortunately, Rehabs of Hoarder houses tend to go over budget. We know from experience!

You will need a trash out crew, lots of kills paint, and a big budget.  You will likely need to do full gut and replace all of the sheetrock in the house due to rotting or smells.  (That is what we do every time we buy a hoarder house from someone that inherits a hoarder house in Austin and sells to us for cash). You also want to start the Fix-up / Rehab process right away. A vacant house is a Target for copper and A/C thieves and if they get in there 2 hours of their damage and theft can cost you $10,000 plus to repair!  So start Rehab fast! I know from experience you DO NOT want to have a vacant house!

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After you clear it out, if the house is older you will likely need to level the Foundation as Texas foundations tend to shift over the years….and maybe repair roofing….along with full updating of the house.  Our usual cost to fully rehab a 1,500 square foot hoarder house in Austin TX that a seller has inherited and sells to us fast is around $50,000.00-$80,000!  And we have our own crew and plenty of experience so we are likely doing this a LOT cheaper and a LOT faster than you will be able to. Keep that in mind when planning rehab timelines and budget. After this, you’re probably thinking….”Sell Inherited House Austin!”…I’m glad I typed that into google!

#2.  Option two is to sell the house.  Selling a hoarder’s house in Austin TX can be an issue.  As you know 99% of people in the retail market do not want to buy the hoarder house that you inherited in Austin TX. Just like you didn’t want one when you were looking for your first home (and you don’t want one now).  But you likely want to sell the hoarder house that you inherited fast!  I know because  EVERY SINGLE TIME I buy a hoarder house that someone has inherited I close FAST.  And I do that because EVERYONE that has ever reached out to me online for an offer on their hoarder house has wanted me to close FAST! And I do close FAST! In fact, we close on the date of your choice when we buy houses in Austin. And that can be in as little as 10 business days (sometimes even sooner!)

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But I said 99% of people don’t want the house……that means there is that 1% that DOES want the house!  And that is US we are investors.  We buy inherited hoarder houses in Austin all the time. You inherited a hoarder house in Austin TX and found us by looking up “how to sell the hoarder house I inherited” or “Sell Inherited House Austin” or something along those lines into google.  You are likely in the Probate process and selling a house in Probate in Austin right now.  If you want to sell it fast, reach out to us now!   We not only buy hoarder houses in Austin, but we buy hoarder houses out of probate all of the time! And we buy them fast, as-is and for CASH!

We buy hoarder houses “as is” you don’t even have to take out ANY of the stuff inside.  The last house we bought had 7 TRUCKLOADS full of old stuff removed from the house. That was no problem we buy Austin houses “as is” meaning with all the stuff inside, pet smells and cigarette smells included! We remove everything and make repairs AFTER we buy the house in Austin TX.

The last hoarder house we bought had a BAD ROOF, a BAD FOUNDATION, LOTS OF MOLD, and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of STUFF!  (2,324 square foot house filled about hip high with trash all the way!). And to top it off the house was built in 1944!  But we bought that house and we bought it fat and in CASH! The seller found us by typing “sell inherited Austin House into google”  and she was glad she did because we bought we bought the house fast and we even helped her with the Probate paperwork.

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Wait but I inherited the hoarder house that I want to sell fast……but the title is still in my dads/moms/grandmas name?  What do I do?

We get this question all of the time from people trying to sell an inherited Austin home fast. NO worries! Reach out to us and we will help you clear all that stuff up! We have done this MANY times before. We will likely need to finish up Probate and grab a few affidavits but it’s a simple process and we will guide you all the way through it.

The house I inherited in Austin TX is not only a hoarder house….it’s not liveable….it may even need to be torn down….but I want to sell it fast….. Would you still buy it?

YES!  After you reach out to us with the short form here. We will analyze the property and make you the BEST offer we can on your house!  We will make a CASH offer on ANY House in Austin TX!

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What if I am not ready to sell my Austin house that I inherited, can I still call with questions?

YES! We help people out all the time whether or not they sell to us. Sometimes one 5 minute call with us can save you hours of research and stress.  We are happy to leverage our experience and help you out.

So if I fill out this 30-second form online I can expect an offer in 24 hrs?


Reach out to us now for a fast home offer on the Austin TX house you inherited.  Whether you already started the Probate process and are selling a house in Probate or you have not got to the Probate process yet. Sell inherited house Austin now.  We buy houses from Lakeway to Bastrop and From San Marcos up to Georgetown and all Over the Central TX area. We buy houses FAST and in CASH. We also close on the date of YOUR choice.  Recently we have bought fire damaged houses, moldy houses, and hoarder houses with bad foundations. We also bought one house that just needed paint and A/C work! We buy houses  Austin, We buy Houses Round Rock, We buy houses Pflugerville and We Buy Houses Del Valle we buy houses ALL OVER Central TX

Reach out to us now to sell inherited house Austin!

Click here to watch this in Video Format on Youtube!   Sell my house fast Austin! We buy Inherited Austin houses, Austin Houses in Probate and houses in Austin From ALL Types of People that need to SELL A HOUSE FAST in AUSTIN! Selling a house inheritance and selling a house in Probate has never been easier. Selling an Austin house fast has never been easier!

Here are some pics below of the last Hoarder house we bought! Thank you for reading and have a GREAT day!

Sell inherited house Austin
Pic of our last Hoarder House!
sell inherited house austin
Whew! We by houses Austin like this all the time!
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