Unconventional Investment Strategies in Austin

Some of the top investors got where they are by thinking outside the box. By finding your own unique niche, you can reduce competition and become the leader in your area. In our latest post, we explore unconventional investment strategies for investors in Austin!  Buying and Seling Land You might have never thought a patch … Continued

How to Start Investing for Less than 5k in Austin

Even the largest real estate empires were started with only one investment. Many people are even able to start investing for less than 5k. In our latest post, we will discuss some ways anyone can begin investing in Austin real estate!  Real estate investment can start with only a few dollars in the bank. Many people are … Continued

6 Must Have Apps For Real Estate Investors in Austin

It seems like there’s an app out there for everything. This is excellent for investors because at your fingertips is all the information you need to find and purchase successful investment properties. What are the must-have apps for real estate investors in Austin TX? Check out some of our top picks in our latest post! … Continued

5 Ways To Save Time As A Busy Investor in Austin

1. Narrow Your Focus and Define a Niche Probably the best way to save time as a busy investor in Austin TX, especially early on, is to narrow your business focus and define a niche. Few of us can do everything, and none of us can do everything well. Having a narrower area of concentration … Continued

Investing: From Austin Side Project To Full Time Career

So here are a few tips to help you take your real estate investing business from Austin side project to full-time career. Understand Your Goals and Create a Plan Right now you’ve got a full-time job, so your time and energy for running a side business are limited. A critical first step, then, to move your … Continued

5 Websites Every Real Estate Investor Knows in Austin

If you are ready to start investing in Austin, here are 5 excellent websites every Real Estate Investor knows in Austin you should check out now! #1: Inman Inman is a news source for agents and brokers that delivers the latest news and market trends in the real estate world. While real estate professionals may … Continued

4 Strategies for Building a Strong Investment Portfolio in TX

 Every real estate investor tends to find niche areas to invest in. However, here are 4 strategies for building a strong investment portfolio TX.  With more experience, you will learn to master each strategy to improve your portfolio holdings. Core Portfolio Holdings Core portfolio holdings are the foundation of most investment strategies. In this strategy, … Continued

How To Buy Directly From An Owner in Austin

1. Get Pre-Approved The very first step to successfully buy directly from an owner in Austin TX is to get pre-approved for a mortgage loan. Getting pre-approved will save you a lot of time in your search and avoid the embarrassment of making an offer you can’t get financing for. Besides allowing you to shop for … Continued

Tax and Financial Strategies for Austin Real Estate Investors

Personal Home to Investment When trying to maximize every penny of gain in a property, paying high capital gains taxes on the sale of the property can eat away all other profits. A homeowner who has lived in his home for at least two years is able to exclude up to $250,000 ($500,000 for married … Continued

How To Find Great Deals On Austin Properties

MLS Search Any advice on how to find great deals on Austin properties should probably start with the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, which is a collection of property listings from various real estate brokers across the country. But you need to know how to use it to find the great deals. Finding the great … Continued