Cash Home Buyers Austin , we bought a MOLDY HOUSE with a BAD Foundation in 78748?

Hey guys , we’re cash home buyers Austin, and about 6 months ago we bought a property at XXXX Mathews Ln, Austin TX 78748.  The house was in a nice area right behind Sprouts Farmers Market Just off of Manchaca and William Cannon, I love Sprouts and that is where I do my grocery shopping so I was excited when I got the call. I figured I’d grab groceries and buy a house all in one trip!

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It started when I got a lead submitted on our website and I called the lady that made the submission to our site.   A pleasant lady answered the phone and she gave me the back story for the house.  She said her and her brother owned the property at XXXX Mathews Ln and they were looking to sell it to cash home buyers Austin from. They said they would need cash home buyers in Austin because they did not think the house would qualify for buyer financing due to its condition. She said she had called several other people including an excellent businessman in the HomeVestor’s guy from the We Buy Houses group, and another reputable Local Investor. They were both cash home buyers Austin and they were going to go look at it the current week.  She wanted me to come out and make a cash offer. She did inform me that several other cash home buyers Austin had already made offers.  Since I knew them personally I assured her that the 2 people that had already made her offers were in fact reputable and would close.

She gave me a description of the property, she said the house is really big for the area, about 2,000sq. ft and really old, built over 60 years ago. Her exact words were “it’s liveable, but you wouldn’t live in it” so I knew it was rough.  She said herself and her brother had owned the house for over 30 years and her brother used to live there.  Her brother moved out of the house about 15 years ago and allowed his nephew to live there and attempted to rent it to him.  Well… turns out his nephew didn’t pay rent and lived there rent free with a bunch of his friends.   And her brother didn’t want to put him out so he made a deal with his nephew.  His nephew would continue to live there rent free with his friends understanding that he would take care of the property and cover utilities and his uncle would pay the property taxes…..well fast forward about 15 Yrs. She and her brother go and see the house, and they see that it’s pretty much a hoarder house now. It has holes in the ceiling due to roof leaks that were covered with plastic bags.  There is mold everywhere, the grass is about 5 ft tall, and several windows are broken, and a lot of windows will not open or close and doors will not close because the foundation has shifted so much over the years.  There are cracks all over the sheetrock and interior walls of the house, and no appliances work. The house smells horrific and you can’t walk around inside due to the pile up of trash.  They decide they need to kick everyone out and sell it to cash home buyers, and that’s why they found me online when they put on a search for companies who buy houses cash “as is” in Austin. The biggest reason for immediately kicking everyone out and selling was actually the mold.  Mold can obviously not only really harm your health as detailed in….. But according to and my own experience, it can also cost thousands to even tens of thousands of dollars to remediate.  

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She told me all of this and gave me a detailed description of the house, I said “PERFECT”, I know the area very well and I can pay $160,000 for that house.  I told her it would be worth $300,000 plus when I was done with it but it would take a LOT of work to get it there. She said, “I know that it will be worth that when it is fixed, but you don’t know how bad this is you need to come see it and make an offer”. I said I have seen a LOT of houses and based on your description I know what I can pay, but I said ok I can be there in 15 minutes.  When I showed up…the house was as bad as described…holes all over the ceiling, bad roof leaking into the house, bad foundation, horrible smell, you name it…..but I told her  “well I know you don’t think it’s worth $160,000 but I told you on the phone that I could pay $160,000 and I can pay $160,000.00.  This is for an “as-is” all cash close in 2 weeks where I pay all closing costs.” and I handed her a contract.  She drove to her brother’s house for him to sign and had the contract back to me at my house at 7 p.m. that day. We closed in 10 business days and everyone was satisfied. She told me that my offer was $20,000 higher than the next cash home buyers Austin best and she appreciated my prompt reply. I was actually surprised as generally offers from cash home buyers Austin are very similar.  Where I really differentiate myself is that I make the process faster and simpler for the seller, but in this case I was also able to pay her more money than her other offers had offered to pay.

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Why did we buy this unliveable moldy house?  Easy, the same reason any cash home buyers Austin would purchase properties because we thought we could fix it, sell it, and turn a profit.  Ourselves and some partners will be putting about $100,000 of work and updates into this property and hoping to do just that in about 3-4 months. How did I know what to pay for a house that is such disrepair before I even saw it? As cash home buyers Austin for several years we’ve seen a LOT of houses and quite honestly they all look the same, front door, some windows….etc…and based off a quick overview and description of the condition of the property I can put it in a category that I have seen before, and know exactly what I can pay for it within a few minutes of striking up a conversation with a potential seller.

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If you are interested in getting a fast offer on your home or selling your home to cash home buyers Austin like ourselves, buyers that make quick decisions and pay all cash and buys Austin homes “as-is” give us a call.  I will have an offer for you within 24 hours and usually within 15 minutes of our phone call.  Or if you just have questions about how the process works give us a call as well.  
I help people out all the time, even if they don’t sell to us.  The home selling process can be complicated for people who only buy or sell a few homes in their lifetime….but for me, it’s fairly simple since I’ve done it over and over and over.  Sometimes I can help people out in 5 minutes and save them hours of research or simplify complex situations for them just because I’ve done it so much, and even when I don’t buy their house and I’m happy to do that. 
We are currently cash home buyers, buying houses  “as-is” in Austin, Round Rock, Bastrop, San Marcos and anything in between. We also buy all over the Houston area from the Woodlands down to Pearland and From Katy all the way to Galveston.
Below are some pics after we removed the trash! Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a picture of the Giant Beehive in the backyard it was a half sphere about 10×10 inches! Call us now Austin and Houston’s Fastest Cash Home Buyers!

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Cash Home Buyers Austin

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